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2018 Call for Presentations Complete Topics List

News/Media Relations/Communications

  • Communications
  • Role as a PIO
  • Public relations & PR issues
  • Media relations
  • Preparing for crisis management from the public relations side
  • Mass texting
  • Press release 101
  • Crisis Communications
  • Messaging to current students
  • Emergency alerts (How does your college do it?)



  • Best practices for advertising and PR
  • Marketing plans
  • Higher ed advertising trends
  • Marketing to current generation
  • Mobile marketing


Social Media/Digital Advertising

  • Successful social media campaigns
  • Personalizing your brand on social media
  • Digital media/marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Making sense of web analytics
  • Social media management
  • Social media best practices
  • Managing social media without a dedicated person
  • Social media-driven target marketing
  • New, emerging social media platforms like Snapchat


Graphic Design/Web Design/Photography

  • Graphics-based presentations
  • Design and web how-to or trends
  • What are your best hidden resources?
  • Advanced photography
  • Video creation
  • Mobile app development
  • User experience design
  • On the go edits (mobile platforms for phones)



  • Leadership/management
  • Relationship management /enrollment management
  • Working with faculty or selling your services
  • Planning/organization
  • Update on new state and federal requirements
  • Registration drive planning
  • Recruiting
  • State and federal requirements for college websites (3-click rules, Gainful Employments, Title IX, etc.)
  • State and federal requirements for advertising
  • Web accessibility
  • Making smart purchasing decisions for software
  • Use of CRM in marketing/recruiting

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